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১. সেকেন্ডারী এডুকেশন সেক্টর ডেভেলপমেন্ট প্রজেক্ট (SESDP):

Secondary Education Sector Development Project (SESDP). 


Total Allocation: 

79333.00 Lakh 


Secondary Education Sector Development Project (SESDP) is being implemented as a continuation  and follow up of  SESIP which  commenced in January, 2007 with a number of sub-  sector improvement activities  such as  strengthening accountability in secondary education management by Policy Support and Project  Monitoring and Quality Assurance Unit (PMQAU), Human Resource  Management (HRM), enhancing quality of secondary and higher secondary education by reforming the assessment and examination system and improving equity of access to secondary and higher education which includes establishment of new Madrashas and modernization of education by piloting ICT in secondary level.

Secondary Education Sector Development
Project (SESDP)
2007 – 2013
SESDP is the follow on initiative of SESIP (1999 – 2006)
Total Project Cost: BDT 7933.310 m
Project Aid: BDT 5950.00 m (US$ 85.00 m)
GoB: BDT 1983.31 m

Overall Objective
“to contribute to poverty reduction in Bangladesh by improving the relevance of secondary education to the demands of the labour market.”

Component - 1
Strengthened Accountability and Transparency
1.1  Decentralization of management responsibilities of DSHE
1.2  Improving transparency in the financing of institutions
1.3  Strengthening human resource management
1.4  National Replication of web-based EMIS
Component - 2
Enhanced Quality of Secondary Education
2.1    Revising curricula for grades VI-XII
2.2    National examination reforms (SSC & HSC)
2.3    Strengthening student assessment system (introducing SBA)
2.4    Strengthening school management committees
2.5    National implementation of school performance based management system (SPBMS)
2.6    Piloting of e-learning techniques
Output - 3
Improved Equity of Access to Secondary Education
3.1   Stipend Support to poverty-targeted group
3.2   Provide tube-well & toilet facilities
3.3   Developing model madrashas
3.4   Construction of new schools and additional classrooms
3.5   Infrastructure development (DEOs , ZEOs)


২. টিকিউআই-সেপ (TQI-SEP):

Teaching Quality Improvement in Secondary Education Project [TQI-SEP] 



Total Allocation: 

64471.00  Lakh 


To help the Government establish a Non-Government Teacher Registration and Certification Authority and a Teacher Education Authority for the registration, accreditation and deployment of qualified and competent teachers in non-government secondary schools. To help the Government in managing  and coordinating secondary teachers’ training nation-wide and thereby enhance the quality of secondary education. To help to establish an integrated national secondary teacher’s training network and improve the teacher’s training system and thereby contribute to the quality of teaching learning at secondary level. To provide the scope of initial and in-service teacher’s training for the teachers serving in

government and non-government secondary schools and thereby enhance their professional competency. To  increase training access in the under-served and disadvantaged areas and thereby ensure quality teaching. To build upon an appropriate integrated system for linking the Ministry of Education with its stakeholder institutes to raise awareness about their roles and responsibilities and thereby contribute towards educational quality.